Top 5 tips for effective esports betting (Part 2)

Things you need to know to bet on esports.

If you are going to focus on esports betting then you must know and focus on properly understanding the terminology.

Like any other kind of betting out there, you can see some similar terms.

For us, a few of the most important things to think about when betting on esports are:

Study the game you will play and understand its features and variables closely.

Don’t bet on a game because it looks eye-catching or fast-paced; Understanding skills is essential.

When possible and when watching tournaments, try to learn more about the styles of the key players.

Get familiar with the basic betting terms available and what bet types exist.

Don’t keep racing by betting on the winner of some previous matches; esports can be volatile and lots of surprises will happen, with nothing being said.

Always see why your bet was winning or losing – you may have been lucky, or you may have guessed correctly.

Top 5 tips for effective esports betting Part 1 - Top 5 tips for effective esports betting (Part 2)

Key factors to consider

When placing any type of esports betting, it is wise to always pay attention to a few specific factors. Regarding the types of bets you can place, you should pay attention to the following:

Money line betting. You can easily do this as it is a simple, easy to understand the betting method that can be found at most quality online sports bookmakers and casinos. Basically, this is a bet on the team you expect to win; it is a decisive choice in favor of the player/team you expect to win.

MVP betting. You don’t need to bet on the winner here, you are the best player. If you follow a certain player a lot then you may find that they do well in certain matches and worse in others. Find players with high scoring habits in certain game modes and bet them.

Place a map bet. Map bets are very popular because they give you the chance to bet on a best game sequence of X, such as 3 or 5. So you can choose one winner per round, not one person wiin in the entire rounds. This means that if you see someone win or lose 3-2 for example, you can change accordingly.

Most Kill bet. In games like Counter-Strike, you’ll bet on whoever gets the most lives. Some esports games will involve killing and dying, so betting on who you expect will cause the most (not necessarily winning) massacre can be very fun.

Over / Under betting. These can be a bit confusing, but they tend to be quite safe since they focus on one key factor. So basically, you can bet on player X getting Y the number of kills, but they’ll need to pass a certain amount or under a certain amount for you to win.