Most Legit Sportsbooks in the UK

There are dozens of sportsbooks available in the UK for online gambling and online betting. However, not all of them provide a quality of service millions of customers are looking for. There are only a handful of sportsbooks that satisfy evolving user demands and needs.

We are talking about ease of access, data privacy, payment transactions, and reliable customer service. If you want all of these and more, here are the sportsbooks you should consider.


Betway is exclusive to UK and Ireland players so you’ll get the exclusive experience. It’s not that they can’t operate in other countries. They can if they want to. But to focus on only a few regions means all manpower and resources are concentrated.

Most Legit Sportsbooks in the UK 1 - Most Legit Sportsbooks in the UK

You get quality customer care every time you need it and their data privacy is top-notch.

One great bonus with Betway is their bonus to make free bets right off the bat when you sign-up. So, when you sign-up for Betway, you get that bonus and you can use that to make a bet.

If you win, then you’ll be winning money despite not spending at all. However, you can also lose but that means you didn’t put out any money of your own.


22Bet is your hybrid sports betting and sports gambling website. People go here because of the variety of gambling and betting choices they get. You can make a bet for an NBA game and at the same time play an online slot machine based on the Netflix series “Narcos.”

22Bet is also famous because of its user-friendly website that even old people having a hard time with technology can give it a go. The website also has a mobile application version. That way, you can access your 22Bet account wherever you are, as long as you have an internet connection of course.

Grosvenor Sport

Grovesnor Sport is without a doubt one of the most underrated sportsbooks here in the UK. If you look at most top ten lists for sportsbooks, you might only see this site a couple of times.

That is something we don’t agree on at all. Grosvenor, a play with the word Governor, first of all, is a great name for a sportsbook.

Second, it is top-notch when it comes to providing betting odds. It’s motto “Double the Odds” means two things. First, they publish great betting odds and even game insights as well as athlete profiles.

That way, you’ll be able to come up with an informed decision for your bets. The second meaning, doubling the odds means also doubling your winnings.

We truly believe that Grosvenor is one of the best betting odd specialists here in the UK, probably even the best.

Regulations for sportsbooks are easing up because there is a strong sense of compliance.