Importance of Data Privacy in Sports Betting

The growth of sports betting is a double-edged sword. At one point, the global industry continues to record strong numbers. On the other side of it all, data entered in sportsbooks or betting websites are more vulnerable to hacking andmalicious attacks.

Here is why data privacy regulations and protocols are important for sportsbooks.

Hybrid Attacks

The evolution of technology presented new possibilities and threats. Hackers and infiltrators are adapting to new security standards and they are being more robust in their illegal efforts. That is why there is a surge in demand for data privacy professionals for both IT and legal departments.

Importance of Data Privacy in Sports Betting 1 - Importance of Data Privacy in Sports Betting

In sports betting, we are not just talking about basic information or data such as names and addresses, which are already very important. We are also talking about the vulnerability of bank account numbers, contact numbers, personal addresses, and anything that can be used to identify an individual.

User Demands

Users are keeping up with data privacy regulations across the globe. There have been several data breaches in several sportsbooks across the UK and even worldwide. Sensitive information such as phone numbers are being disclosed to third parties and are being targeted for spam and telemarketing. That is a clear violation and users are not having any of it.

Many users now are convinced to avoid doing business with companies that releases or uses their data without permission. What more for sportsbooks wherein money is stored online and can be attacked anytime with sophisticated hacking frameworks.

We can’t keep on forever with the mindset of “this is enough.” Because as our technology continues to evolve, so does the enemies.

Data Privacy Regulations

The UK is under surveillance by the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union. It is the strongest data privacy regulation not only in Europe but across the globe. We are seeing more and more nations copy key articles from the regulation and add them on their own.

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