About Us

about squarenet - About Us

Here is probably something you didn’t know about SquareNet, it was created by a farmhand from Lydcott back in 2014. Her name is Alisha Russell and she has a passion when it comes to sports betting.

Way to Survive

As a farmhand in her late 20s, Russell couldn’t make ends meet for her family. She had to work two other jobs at the local market just to survive. Desperate to make money fast, she turned to sports betting.

It would be a foolish move for everyone else but not for Russell. Other than being a farmhand, Russell is also an avid football fan and self-taught analyst. She knew every team’s profile and even individual athletes, and she understood the odds.

She made use of her knowledge and insights to make informed bets that paid out.

Success in Sports Betting

Russell’s success in sports betting spread like wildfire and many people commissioned her to help them make bets. She did just that and something much bigger. Russell created an online community platform where she could share betting information and tips of her own.

SquareNet initially started as a simple blog with a comment section. That was it. It was not surprising that the online platform gained popularity. Today, it is one of the biggest sports betting consultants in the UK.