Le Mesurier is a website created to promote the brand Le Mesurier’s Chef quality condiments, created for food lovers.

Patrick created his first Le Mesurier condiments in 2008. Each was painstakingly researched and perfected. People loved them. Bought them. And came back for more.

This company previously had a website that was behind the times and really was not achieving much for them at all. We were asked if we could give the website a makeover and this was the end result. A Clean modern up to date website with many features as well as a CMS WordPress blog in which full control over the website has been given keeping the website Fresh and dynamic and on top of the search engines. We also combined this with Cube Cart a shopping cart offering many more advanced options than PayPal would offer such as stock control.

Le Mesurier Website

As a chef, Patrick Le Mesurier knows the value of condiments. They transform a dish from great to amazing.

This website’s services included

1. A website blog
2. Cubecart shopping cart
3. Website design
4. Website build
5. SEO
6. Touch Slider

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